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Popcorn Time Apk - Watch Free Movies and TV Shows instantly

For those who are looking for a perfect site to download torrent movies popcorn time is there. Popcorn time is an entertainment platform that allows you to download or watch movies for free.

Most of us prefer sites like Netflix, Amazon prime video etc to watch all TV shows and movies. You have to pay a monthly rent to watch any movies from those apps. Popcorn time is a site that offers all of them for free.

The appearance of this site is almost similar to Netflix. The only difference is that you will get all torrent movies from Popcorn time Apk Download for free. They update all recent movies to their database. So, don’t worry if you have no time to watch movies in theatres.

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Popcorn time. You can watch online or download it and watch later. It has been designed with an inbuilt media player. So, watch movies online using its excellent player.

Special features of Popcorn time

One advantage of using this app is that you can watch and download movies at the same time. It works based on BitTorrent P2P technology. This enables you to watch downloading movies at same time. You don’t have to wait until the download completes.

If you have a strong internet connection you can download this app and stream it easily. While opening this app you can see any movies that you search for. It has a large database of classic movies to new releases. Watch any movies for free.

There are many genres available like action, sci-fi, romantic, drama and many other categories. You can pick your favorite category and watch them as much as you want. In the main window, you can spot all popular movies. So, it is easy for you to find a movie if you don’t know what to watch.

With a good quality internet connection, you can see HD quality movies. Basically, there are two qualities 1020p and 720p from which you can select the one you want according to your data usage. Watch movies from any available languages with the help of subtitles.

Other than movies it will update all recent episodes of TV shows. If you missed an episode of any show you can find it on Popcorn time.

Many versions of popcorn time are available and you can download the version corresponding to your device. It is very easy to download this app on your Android/IOS/PC devices. Follow below steps to get this app on your device

Download Popcorn time app for Android/IOS/PC

How to download Popcorn time on Android device?

You will get Popcorn time on your Play store. Before downloading it first you need to go to your phone ‘settings ‘and enable ‘unknown sources’. Then only you can download popcorn time.

Now you can download the app and install it on your device. Currently the version for Android 4.0.3 and above is popcorn time 2.9. You will get it on your device and watch your favorite movies as long as you want.

How to download Popcorn time on IOS?

It is easy to download popcorn time app for your IOS device. You can do it without jailbreak. Follow the below steps to download the app

How to download Popcorn time for PC?

For your PC (Window XP and above) you need to download Popcorn time 3.1 Beta version.

Now you know how to get popcorn time app for your device. You can follow them as mentioned above and get this excellent app for your device. Download Showbox App The other name of this app is ‘Netflix for Pirates’. From that name itself, you know what a popularity this app has got.

Try it once and you will come back again and again. Get a good internet connection and watch movies whenever you want. Nobody can stop you from watching your favorite movies/TV shows. Enjoy your movie time with Popcorn time app.